Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jester of the peace (2013)

Dear Bloggers,

Currently working on a new film project with a tentative release date for 2013.  Jester of the peace is currently in post-production and will be my first feature film. The film follows a New York based wedding officiant, Barbara Ann Michaels.

Barbara is a performer and producer of interactive theater and roving costumed characters for corporate, non-profit, and community events, and weddings. 
She is the Jester of the Peace™ ~ a wedding officiant specializing in creative original ceremonies, and costume and adventure weddings ~ elegant to sweet to playful! 

Barbara also writes and performs her own shows - often clown or comedy. Currently she is developing a rocker clown: Cliff. Look for a new show this year!

She delights in performing across the world.

Barbara Ann Michaels, Wedding Officiant Jester of the Peace
Trailer/teaser out soon.

Acknowledgements: Title: Ivan Garcia - http://ig-studio.com/

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